Antique Door Furniture

The Victorian Ironmonger is an antique door furniture specialist with many years experience in dealing with the restoration and sale of antique door furniture.
We sell only genuine original reclaimed antique door furniture with no reproductions.
Our antique door furniture is predominantly of British manufacture,whether originally hand made or mass produced in the Victorian era.It is now scarce and we scour the country to find the best antique door furniture to restore.
We deal in all period styles of antique door furniture from 17th century door latches to Art Deco door handles,being the only site dedicated to solely to original reclaimed antique door furniture and architectural fittings for period properties.
Genuine antique door furniture can not be got to order but we always have a good range of antique door knobs and handles,old door locks,bolts,door knockers,letter boxes,antique door hinges,latches,old fashioned servants bells (both mechanical and electrical),antique coat hooks,old window fittings,door fingerplates,escutcheons etc.,in fact all antique ironmongery or hardware.
In addition to the above range of antique door furniture,much by well known makers such as:- Kenrick,Tonks,Gibbons,Hobbs,Chubb,Leggotts,Nettlefolds,Collins,we also stock antique cabinet and cupboard hardware.
We constantly search for additions to our stock of antique door furniture and our latest stock page will show the most recent items.
Nothing will grace a period property as much as antique door furniture,inferior or even good reproductions do not have,nor can have,the feel or look of something made with original materials and craftsmanship.This is not to mention the patination that can only come with use over time,which says I've been used and handled for a hundred years or so.Genuine reclaimed antique door furniture will look as though its always been in your period home - what could be more right than that?
When choosing your antique door furniture try to discover what the original fittings would have been,maybe by looking at similar properties you know to be untouched by the modernisers.This is particulary easy for the front door,take a walk down the street and identify where the original antique door furniture still exists.Careful though you may get addicted and as passionate about antique door furniture as us!
The antique door furniture sold by The Victorian Ironmonger is full restored as necessary and usually good for another 100 years or so! I wonder can that be said of modern reproductions - I doubt it.
Antique door furniture has had many phases over the years,from the beauty of the 17th or 18th Century blacksmiths eye and hand,through Georgian elegance (Georgian brass door locks are amongst our favourites,beautifully crafted by hand,simple,functional and elegant),Victorian design,Arts & Crafts,Art Nouveau,Edwardian,Art Deco to the 1930's,we try to cover them all - enjoy browsing.